ISO 9001:2015 Clause 8.7 Control of Nonconforming Outputs

Dear friends i have some question about 8.7 Control of Nonconforming Outputs

We are a training center? we see that we are providing servcies only so we write our procedure as a (Control of Nonconforming Services)

IS Clause 8.7 deal with nonconforming outputs founded in the stage of provision and delivery of products and services? or this will include after services delivered to the clients?

if we have a Nonconforming Outputs is it mandatory to issue a corrective action?

if we receive a customer complaint regarding a failure in product and services? a customer complaint will be initiated, is it required to initaite a Nonconforming Outputs report?


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1) do your SOP 'written' must issue NC when customer complaint (at the first place) ...
2) I guess x , if the complaint can be solved and the RISK is manageable (but the complaint feedback must be recorded ) in respect of the 8.7 clause
3) I guess ... if repeated complaint coming back; NC need to take into consideration
4) AND the complaint need to review at MR minutes (regardless NC been issue or not)

as usual, other comments...

thanks in advance! ..


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Be careful to not get too creative trying to shoehorn in elements of the standard that don't fit. A nonconformity can only occur if there's a failure to conform to requirements. A complaint is not an automatic indicator of a failure to conform to requirements.

If the complaint indicated your training materials were incorrect, then you might have cause for an NC. But if the complaint was because someone didn't like the slide background, no nonconformity has occurred, so no NC. Of course, as @skb76 notes, you do want to capture this feedback for consideration of general improvements.
could u explain what is the meaning of non conforming outputs and why it was changed in 2015 instead of non conforming products

so what exactly the standard mean by non conforming outputs ?

in our industry if the training material were incorrect is this a non conforming services or products?


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I'm sure it was changed to better reflect companies that provide service (like your company). Your "product" is your service.

I would probably consider incorrect training materials as nonconforming. What would be the impact if you gave someone training with incorrect materials?

What do you do for 8.2, Requirements for Products and Services and 8.3.3, Design & Development Inputs?

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Incorrect training materials most definitely would be nonconforming output.

As would selecting a training venue that impeded learning by your students.

With this mindset doubtless you can think of many examples.

To differentiate between your internal snafus that increase your costs and threaten customer satisfaction with those that directly impact the customer you could use the term nonconforming outcomes.

But first of all may I suggest you get comfy with nonconforming outputs.

Very useful terms.

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