ISO 9001:2015 clauses and clause details in Excel format



does anyone have all the ISO 9001:2015 clauses and clause details updated in excel format?
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I am sure some of us do, but providing you with the entire standard would be considered copyright infringement, so we cannot do that. You can easily copy and paste from the standard if you have as a pdf document, however.

smitha_ph audit checklist but it should also contain the clause details


I would recommend Claes' idea as well. Simply copy the clauses from your copy of the standard and paste them into a spreadsheet. Voila! You have your checklist, with details.


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Has anyone done a comparison between 2015 and 2008 in excel? I could use a copy.


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There is a lot of free info online if you take the time to look. The 9000 Store has a free Quick Start Kit. DNV GL has been having webinars, but I don't know if you're not a customer if you can participate. They have free support docs if you participate. I get my notices through emails. Just search ISO 9001:2015. I will bookmark the site and print info pages to PDF if they are helpful. I have 9 yrs. experience in developing a QMS, working it, auditing, etc., and getting ready to start rewriting our QPM for 2015. God Bless the Cove! They've been extremely helpful when I couldn't find answers to complicated situations. So glad they're back!
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