ISO 9001:2015 - Employee Training Powerpoint .ppt wanted


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Does anyone have a Power Point presentation they deliver to new employees as an introduction to ISO they are willing to share?


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I have a presentation about ISO 9001:2015, but is made in Spanish.....I can share it with you if you wants.


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Training everyone is a waste of resources and doesn't serve a purpose but to generate more "gee whiz" records.

Get people familiar with your policy, get them familiar with what they really need to know, like how to access and use documented information relevant to their responsibilities (procedures, instructions, records); their individual responsibilities and so forth, but don't waste their time or yours (Time is = to $$$) teaching the average, everyday employee all, the gibberish between 4.1 to 10.3


Would you post yours as an attachment? That link doesn't seem to work anymore.
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