ISO 9001:2015 - Extent of Policy and Scope with Context and Interested Parties



At defining scope and policy, at what extent should we mention elements of context and requirements of IP.? Since, for one side, the Standard states " consider "doesn't not say "to document".And in the other side, it is not easy/ practical to include in a Short text (policy and scope)all that stuff.goverment,suppliers, employees,society, stakeholders, laws,etc.

Please share your thoughts.


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Thoughts? Just be able to explain your methodology and results, and yep, there's no requirment to document diddly....until you realize that people involved in the effort itself have conflicting understanding and answers...And that's when I may have to point out ineffectiveness of the process;)

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Please share your thoughts.
When deciding which way to go in issues such as this, i.e., documenting it or not, it becomes very clear if the solution is designed to:

a. pass audits, or
b. add value to the organization

For those choosing a, they will document as little as possible to undermine misguided auditors.

For those choosing the b path, they should document the decisions to the extent necessary that support the maintenance of organizational knowledge.
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