ISO 9001:2015 Implementation for Marketing and Sales Companies

Ed Panek

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At the very highest level, your company's context (I assume) is taking material or goods and making that into another good or service. Your customers order this product or service via the Sales group and you provide it to them using other parts of the company.

A customer contacts Sales and they do "something" to get the order moving along and it ends up with the customer receiving that "Thing" That's a process with inputs and outputs that if it broke would cause issues and can be audited.


As Jim mentioned, audit against documented requirements.

One note that would make it easier to ensure that their procedures / policies are properly written (thereby making auditing to them much easier.

I've spent a lot of time recently working with Indirect / Service departments and organizations, and I find the biggest struggles for them with ISO 9001 is their policies are written by the same people who wrote the procedures for manufacturing, and it is incredibly difficult to standardize judgement.

I find when service/judgement/creative departments have procedures that dictate how a task should be done, they will invariably get audit findings because different people follow different mental processes to get to the same destination. I've found great success in ensuring that departments understand when it's appropriate to standardize the process (put tab A in slot B) and when to standardize the outcome. When the creative/judgement team has a standardized outcome (see: Checklist Manifesto), they tend to have better control and more beneficial audits.

John Broomfield

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ISO 9001:2015 - How to audit Sales and Marketing departments?
First determine their objectives then seek evidence of how well their system helps them to fulfill their objectives.

Watch out for Sales over-promising just to win the orders. Determine how they know what to promise in terms of delivery and performance.

Consider Marketing’s input to the design of the company’s services and products. And their analysis of customer feedback.
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