ISO 9001:2015 - KPI (Key Performance Indicators) vs. Objectives

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Hi all

Aren't Objectives based on KPI ?

Please if someone can clarify difference and what he meant I would be obliged

Objectives can be KPIs, but they are not necessarily KPIs. You have to have quality objectives that are directed from top management and align with the quality policy, and you have to have KPIs to measure the performance of your system and processes. Our Quality Objectives are primarily KPIs, which sounds like it's true for you too, which causes some overlap in these requirements, but we also have several KPIs that are not included in our stated quality objectives.

*Edit* the term KPI is not mentioned in the standard anywhere, but metrics and the use of data for monitoring and measuring are. I'm using these items synonymously here.

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From the following definition:
Objective - result to be achieved (from ISO 9000:2015)
Indicator - Measurable representation of the condition or status of operations, management or conditions (from ISO 14001:2015)

So if clause 6.2 requires "The organization shall establish quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes..." Below is an example:
Process: Maintenance
Objective: Equipment always in good condition
Indicator/s: Breakdown rate, downtime rate, response time, backjob rate, % of work orders completed on time, overall equipment effectiveness, mean time between failure, mean time to repair, etc.

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