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I am new to 9001:2015 but we have 9001:2008 documents. Can any one please post a sample of this procedure. Thanks


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"Leadership and Commitment", that's an entire section; what procedure are you looking for?

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Any organization seeking a documented procedure on leadership and commitment has not understood the underlying meaning of a QMS.

You don't proceduralize commitment, much less leadership.

Anyone thinking that collecting and aggregating documents lead to the establishment of a quality system don't understand what such system is.

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I agree that you cannot document a process for leadership and commitment
My take on it is that for clause 5.1.1 - General, you can demonstrate that the Leadership is fulfilling the requirements of a) - j) with objective evidence, e.g. on the way that the system is structured, how the policy and objectives sync with the mission, vision and strategic direction of the company and that they have been communicated to all staff, etc. Management Review and the content and outcomes are another way of showing that a number of these items have commitment by your company leadership.

For 5.1.2 - Customer Focus point a), the specification provided as part of the design process along with any technical could meet this requirement.
Point b) could be addressed through a risks and opportunities register
Point c) how do you monitor and measure customer facing metrics? Do you track repeat business, how long customers have been with your company, carry out customer surveys, and then look at the data and act upon what it is telling you.

For 5.2, if you have a quality policy in place that meets the requirements defined, and is communicated and there is evidence that people are aware of this and understand it, you will be OK.

For 5.3, do you have an organisational chart, job descriptions and process documents which define the requirements of a) to e)?
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