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ISO 9001:2015 Monitoring and measuring resources. Application a service industry

Cats Clause

Starting to get Involved
Hi all
I have a client who is a service provider (training) seeking 9001 certification. Does anyone have experience in how clause 7.1.5 and specifically (Measurement traceability) can/should be applied in such a context?


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Dear Cats,
Measure the effectiveness of the training given by feedback or effectiveness of application of the training given. Whether the trainer has undergone the specific training in that related matter or not.
Just suppose that some is to train you on ISO 9001, then check whether the trainer has undergone LCA, if not whether has he undergone Internal Auditors training?

Cats Clause

Starting to get Involved
Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had considered that the method of gathering feedback on effectiveness of the training given could be considered as the measuring resource. IE does the feedback mechanism give accurate results. This does seem to cross over with 9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation however.... Also, what about Measurement traceability - not applicable???

tony s

Information Seeker
Do the training company need monitoring and measuring resources to "verify the conformity of products and services to requirements"? Definitely. These monitoring and measuring resources will include reviewers, assessors, training materials assessment criteria, checklist, evaluation forms, test /examination papers, training assessment forms, etc. But do the training company need "measuring equipment"? That is intended to the same use as highlighted in my first sentence?

See this previous clarification of ISO/TC 176 in this link particularly in Annex A - Example 9.


Starting to get Involved
Dear Cats,
As explained the trainer needs to be refreshed with training and courses specially "train a trainer" which will be effective for the clause as then you can trace back to the origin as to the rule 5W1H. You can then explain and trace back to its origin of trainer and/or training provided.

John Broomfield

Staff member
Super Moderator
Verifying conformity to requirements is well and good but do not forget to validate the design of their courses being as the requirements come largely from the course design process.
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