ISO 9001:2015 - Non Applicable Design and Development (Power Plant Operator)



Hello guys. Currently I am starting with the Integrated Management System of my Company and I am analyzing the point 8.3 "Design and Development of products and services"if it applies or not within my organization.

Actually my organization is going to maintain and operate a power plant of 550MW (this power plant was provided by our Client). The fuels are provided by our client, too. We just need to maintain the equipment, machinery and provide the service of power generation, no more.

I was sure that this clause did not apply to the organization, because we won't make any kind of improvement of the power plant or its equipment. The client only wants that we operate and maintain within a agreed range of availability and heat rate efficiency.

However, some days ago, an ISO consultor told me that it is sure that 8.3 could apply to me and I must consider in my process and documentation to be written. What do you think about? your comments will be highly appreciated.


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Re: ISO 9001:2015 - Non applicable Design and Development

From what you have told us, there is no design requirement for you - change the consultant!


Re: ISO 9001:2015 - Non applicable Design and Development

I'm not seeing any new transformation you are responsible for, Cesar. So you considered what he had to say - Check! Completed task!
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