ISO 9001:2015 Transition Project Plan example wanted



First of all, let me say that I'm thrilled that this forum is back on line!!!

I'm wondering if someone who is working on their transition from the 2008 to the 2015 standard would be willing to share their project plan / schedule.

We are going to submit for the transition in May of 2018 but I want to get the effort underway now and I'm interested in the sequence of events and tasks that others have used in their planning.

Thanks in advance for considering this request.



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Shane, I don't have what you are asking for, but in general any time you're making a transition from one standard to another the steps are very similar:

1) Do a gap analysis to identify what needs to be addressed to meet the new requirements.
2) Using the information from step 1, develop a plan/schedule to implement actions to meet each gap identified. This is what you are asking for, but it will probably be different for each organization that is transitioning.
3) Update QMS documents and practices to meet the new requirements and verify effectiveness (probably with internal audits).
4) Provide any training that may be appropriate to make relevant people aware of changes to ensure effectiveness of the implementation.

Steps 3 & 4 are probably done simultaneously per the plan/schedule. Results of the activities should be reviewed regularly by leadership to ensure timeliness and effectiveness.


Our external auditors ( SAI Global) have sent through a similar checklist for the transition. I will see if I am allowed to upload this. The planning of the transition here is that we will write the new manual, alter procedures as needed and then check audit all by using an external auditor (not SAI) to see if we are in the correct post code. Lots of fun to be had by all here for the next two years or so.


You might want to do your transition earlier than the last year you can schedule it!

Compile details of what's changed, the timeline for upgrade etc
Schedule a management review to discuss and have management understand their roles etc
Produce a plan, responsibilities, need for gap analysis (that's going to be pretty obvious) and things you have which ARE NOT working today and resources needed
Schedule a management review to discuss the plan and:
1) context of the org., interested parties, internal and expternal issues compared to what you're doing today. Does your policy and your quality objectives work for your context? Is your context what your interested parties need? What issues are being faced?
2) decide if your current QMS is a) working for you (management's call, not yours) and b) what needs fixed along with the changes.
3) update the plan with those action items and find recources to implement
4) audit the new/changed stuff as focused audits, take corrective/correction actions
5) compile/hold management review
6) do upgrade audit


Thanks Marc for this information...this transicion guide is very useful ...right now I am working in the implementaion of ISO 9001:2015 in my organization....I hope to do this task easier with this guide....thank you very much....nice day¡¡


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I simplified what howste stated, and added Management Review:

1) Gap analysis
2) Develop a plan/schedule to implement actions to meet each gap identified
3) Update QMS documents and practices to meet the new requirements
4) Train
5) Verify effectiveness with an all process internal audit
6) Management Review

That's my plan.

FWIW, when doing #3 (documents), I plan to start with "clean slates" and drag relevant stuff from my current documents into the new procedures and manual.
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