ISO 9001:2105 - Are OFI or Corrective actions required?


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Question: Is "Sales" not required to communicate changes of customer expectations?
They were in my there is a clear NC on Sales/Order Entry.

One of the many reasons why Sales should not be exempted from the matter how much they complain about it...
Sales is part of the "Ops" of a company doing business...


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Sorry I should have thought to look before I posted this question. Below is what we have in regards to order changes. After review I'm thinking this probably is a NC after all. Would you agree?



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If you accepted your client's request to move up the order delivery date, then you have a contract change. That's the change Andy's alluding to. The change must be communicated to all folks in your team that need to know of it, and everyone must act accordingly. Otherwise you will fail to meet item 5.1.2(a) of the standard: "customer requirements...are determined and met." That's your nonconformance.

It's likely that the root cause is that you do not have a procedure to handle changes to your contract.


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The customer requested (demanded, likely) a change...your company agreed...and it was not communicated to order fulfillment.

No way to avoid an NC here...nor should you even try to. Something broke...don't spend calories trying to name it...fix it.

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I usually think of OFIs as something that will make your system better.
Many people think this

Organizations may though be providing evidence of system weakness by relying on their auditors to suggest improvements.

And of course auditors guard against making the systems they audit depend on them.


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