ISO 9001 - 4.11.1, Paragraph 3 - Test Equipment and Test Software



We have a debate here that I hope all of you can help us settle. Section 4.11.1 of ISO 9001 is divided into 3 paragraphs. All of us agree that the first paragraph applies to all test equipment and the second applies only to test software. The debate is over the third paragrpha that starts , "Where the availability of technical data...". Some of us belive that it is a continuation of the second paragraph and only applies to test software, others of us believe that is applies to all test equipement. Any guidence would be appreciated. I also am planning on contacting our registrar on this and will post what I find out from them.

Michael Clark

Leslie Garon

4.11.1 paragraph 3 applies to all inspection, measuring and test equipment only. If it is applicable to software in your application, then I would recommend applying the paragraph to software also.

It is a good idea to contact your registraer, ask him/her.
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