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As a member of the quality team in a military (NATO) software maintenance/development organization, I was asked to look at the different options to make our quality system (ISO 9001 based) more "process oriented" and to extend its description to "non-core" (support) processes.

I was very much seduced by the tandem IDEF0/IDEF3 approach see Could anybody give me practical information on the implementation of IDEF0 or IDEF3 in his/her organization ?
I'd be also very much interested in a real life example of IDEF0/IDEF3 charts (preferably in a software organization).
Finally, has anybody tried to actually use (adapt) the IDEF0-3 documentation set as (base for) a quality manual ?

I know I'm asking a lot, but thanks in advance.

Jean-Philippe Hubin

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The information appears to be very similar to the 9000:2000 Process Model.

This type of tool may become useful for companies in Transition to the updated standards - time will tell.



Thanks for answering my mail.

I'm actually thinking about using this process description standard to formalize the documentation of the ISO 9001:2000.
While browsing through the IDEF0, it appeared to provide a structured way to comply with all requirements regarding process description. The IDEF3 allows to "manage" those processes dynamically.

The idea seduced me because the ISO 9000 only gives guidelines for these processes; each company having to design their own system for these purposes.




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Here others useful link about use of IDEF diagrams in ISO 9001.
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