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Checklists & guidelines

I am into doing audit for our branches bank ,i am revamping the checklists , need guidelines & checklists to enhance the audit , can anyone help me in this regard. i am a bit :confused:
Hello Chandansn, and welcome to the Cove :bigwave:

Audit a bank? I've never done that, but I wouldn't mind having a look at one. Ok, question no1:

What will you be auditing audit acc. to? Standard? Legislation?


Aaron Lupo

Chandansn- I have done audits of banks (Did 2 Registration audits in the last 2 years for 9K2K), what operations will you be assessing Loan Servicing, Retail, check processing, customer service???


basically the data center operations of the bank.
any news on new guidelines or practices followed in & around ur areas.


Thanks for the response .

Basically would be doing audit for the banks data center operations department.
any news on the guidelines or practices being followed in the resp area.
Thanking you
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