ISO 9001 Certification Renewal until 2017



Last year we have an audit from 3rd party on our quality management system and our ISO certificate was renewed till 2017. When the next audit is supposed to be? Should we have it in 2015? Or the 3rd party should wait till 2017?


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Re: ISO certification renewal

You are required to have one in 2015 and 2016. If your CB hasn't been in touch to discuss scheduling etc. and you are in doubt about what their service is (did you get a proposal of their services which outlines what audits they do?) then you should consider finding another...


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It all depends upon your certificate and who holds the responsibility with the Registrar. If you are hiring your registrar on your own then your documents (agreements made) with your registrar will define the initial registration audit and the surveillance audits to follow (depending upon the product or service risk and or the Customer they can be anywhere from every 18 mo to 1-2 times per year, generally speaking.

If you are part of a larger scheme (International Registration with a primary corporate certificate holder in another country) then you might not see a registrar audit but once every few years (depending upon the contract), However be warned, your internal audit system best be very robust for this type of system, because your entire companies registration hangs in the balance should your division be the cause of a major Non-Conformity. Its usually a career decision not to have a robust internal audit system in this type of mufti corporate site registration.
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