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Hypothetically, could a kind of an important TEST (that specific employs must pass, as a normative requirement, to qualify for specific workplaces) be considered as a measuring equipment, and so managed in 7.6 manner?

As a matter of fact such normative requirements do not explicitly say much about the TEST contents, because it's specific to the organization. It's to the organization to form the test.

In short, should such tests be officially calibrated? I observe that such tests are closely related to the QMS scope.

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My understanding is that this was not the intent when the standard was written.

But I've seen a few services organizations take exactly this idea when transforming the requirements of the standard - which are most easily understood in a manufacturing context - into requirements for service delivery.

I have "calibrated" a test by trialling it on a representative sample of candidates.

"Calibrated" in quotes because it wasn't scientific, just a judgment of whether "the right" people passed - we didn't want false positives, and fails were allowed as many retakes as it took, so false negatives, while maybe discouraging, were acceptable in the broad scheme of things.

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