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ISO 9001 - Determining Core Processes - Recommendation of Online Training



We have decided to implement ISO 9000 in our small family business. I am guiding the project, and being a total newbie to QMS I realize I would benefit from training.

Do you have any online training recommendations that would help me understand the standard better and specifically determining core processes and what level of detail should be used?

For the life of me the only core processes I can identify in our business are:

  1. Management Process, planning, resources, review, training, QMS improvement etc
  2. Business Generation, retention, development & satisfaction
  3. Product realization (which will be long, because we do lots of different stuff) where the bulk of the QMS ISO 9000 requirements reside
  4. Business Administrative Process, bean counting etc
Am I missing something and being way to simple?

If I lay out all the steps completed in each Process and where they interact with the standard and reference the Procedure, Work Instruction, Record etc that verifies compliance, am I on the right track. :confused:


Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
Re: Recommendation of Online Training

Good day Judith,

Wht don't you start with some of the many training attachments Marc has linked near the bottom of the page? For example, QMS Implementation. One really good thing about Marc's training attachments is that they are always there for you to keep referring to.


Captain Nice
Staff member
<snip> Am I missing something and being way to simple? <snip>
You're not missing anything. The idea is to keep it simple. Thing is, ISO 9001 is a relatively simple standard to implement. Many companies tend to go over board, especially with regard to what documentation is required. Don't "over think" things and make them more difficult than they are.

Honestly, if a person has a copy of the standard and spends some time here reading posts about the various clauses (aka paragraphs or sections) so that they understand the requirements of ISO 9001, that is essentially all the training you need.

Core Processes - I did some Google searches for definitions, but essentially I think Wikipedia's entry is as good as any: Wikipedia reference-linkBusiness_process

There are some sites out there that have definitions that are relatively short and probably somewhat better at putting things in context. has this page which I think is pretty good: What are the Ten Core Business Processes?
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