ISO 9001: Drawing/Print Control Requirements


dr madhavan

Our Customers provide us with drawings for the manufacture of tools. Sometimes the drawings are incomplete; hence, our Manager makes some entries in the drawings (but does not change any existing dimensions)and also provides converted figures ( inches to mm and vice versa).
Are such corrections permitted to be made in the Customer provided drawings?
We have no facility to redraw the same.


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We also do the same if the customer has left off vital information, such as placement of an identification stamp.

We also have a customer that works in metrics, and we do not, so we convert the drawing by hand.

Only the assigned Engineer is permitted to make these notations on the master print. If claification was required from the customer, the contact and date will be noted on the master print.

Rick Goodson

The standard is pretty clear in 4.5.3 that "Changes to documents and data shall be reviewed and approved by the same function/organizations that performed the original review and approval, unless specifically designated otherwise." You could create a process to notify the customer of the changes/additions you are making and then receive approval for making the changes.

You also need to be aware of the 4.4.6 and 4.4.9 requirement for design review and for design changes. You may have an issue there also.


As you are not changing the drawing, you can also do this:
Copy the drawing, or just excerpts of the drawing that you want to add "Notes"..stamp it as "Uncontrolled Document" and use it as a reference. That's permissable. They are not controlled documents, just a reference.

Al Dyer


Why are incomplete drawings accepted?

Shouldn't this be addressed during contract review?

Are feasibility studies in place?

Are you design responsible?



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Originally posted by Al Dyer:

Why are incomplete drawings accepted? Shouldn't this be addressed during contract review? Are feasibility studies in place? Are you design responsible?

I HATE logic..... (Tee hee hee-e-e!!!)

dr madhavan

Customer's drawing is for the finished product and final shape.
Our operators require some intermediate domensions for thier ease of operations ,which the customer may not bother.
Hence question of asking customer for any amendment may not feasible. Hence using Clause 4.3 to get situation does not arise.
On the other hand, the drawing size is too big and sometimes the product is complicated that to redraw this requires expertise which is very expensive for us. (On redrawing, we need to verify the drawing for correct transfers ?)
Regarding the units of measure, some customers' old drawing still refer to the FPS system and not the MKS or SI units. This puts additional problems for our operators who are exposed only to MKS / SI system? So, unit conversions on the drawings is a must.
Xeroxing also not feasible because of the size.
What do we do?
Any new suggestions?

Al Dyer


Our process is to take all customer drawings and redraw them in our own format. This means no change to the controlled customer drawing, but the need to control the internally generated drawing. This drawing is used as a reference tool for our operators (designers).

Give me a yell and I can put you in contact with some designers that will take your drawings and generate any type (usually acad) of internal drawing you need.

Depending on the complexity of your request, the cost could offer a substantial payback in time, effort, and compliance.



If money is the problem, and it sounds like it is,why not just prepare freehand sketches to be used only for manufacturing purposes.
Add a title, provide traceability back to the customer drawing, control them and you are home free.

dr madhavan

What Sam says is true in a way. Hand sketches are not possible in many cases, as the parts are very complicated.
The Management does not also think in terms of approving a draftsman or a CAD Operator.
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