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ISO 9001 Gap Analysis Tool

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Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
This was posted in misc.industry.quality. Maybe it can be of use.

"We have posted our ISO/QS 9000 Gap Analysis tool on the Internet for anyone
to download and use. This version has not been updated with the Year 2000
revisions of the standards, but it still does the job.

The tool is an EXCEL file with more than 250 questions, taken directly from
QS 9000. You may use it to audit your company's (or your client's) ISO or
QS 9000 system. It addresses ISO 9001, 9002, and 9003. With 250 questions,
it takes a few hours to complete a typical assessment. May of our clients
use this to periodically monitor their progress towards ISO registration -
the questions are practically identical to those a Lead Assessor asks.

The output consists of a percentage completion score in graphic and tabular
format. Complete instructions are included in the file, and are displayed
upon opening it.

To download the file:

<> Go to link removed
<> Click on the folder FREE ASSESSMENTS
<> Click on "ISO 9000 Gap Analysis ..." or "ISO 9000 Gap Analysis
for instructions on how to download the file.


Jerry Kilpatrick, President
Jerry Kilpatrick & Associates
South Carolina"
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Help to access the document

I have gone to your site but unable to find file cabinet. Can you provide further instructions please

Craig H.


Hi, and welcome to the Cove!

That link is from Jan., 2001. I clicked on it, and likely saw the same thing you did. It appears that the site has either moved or has ceased to exist. I don't think my fellow moderator Howard had anything to do with the site, other than to provide a link. You are going about your search in the right way though. Keep looking, and good luck! Post if/when you have any specific questions.

Howard Atkins

Forum Administrator
Staff member
Welcome from me as well.
As Craig said this was a link that I posted to someones site.
I see that you have posted more questions and have had answers.
This thread is no more than a historical curios

Helmut Jilling

Auditor / Consultant
Barbara said:
I have gone to your site but unable to find file cabinet. Can you provide further instructions please

If you only want a gap analysis checksheet, you can copy the ISO standard and veerify each shall. However, please remember, that will not take the place of an internal audit. The internal audits must follow a process approach.


Captain Nice
Staff member
Gap Analysis Tools

Howard Atkins said:
This thread is no more than a historical curios
Yup - True. Yet I was looking at the 'Who's Online' listing for guests and saw someone was viewing this thread.

Although it is an old thread started in 2001, if you're reading it because you got here through a Search or a link from somewhere, remember to look at the Post Attachments Listing and the Free Files directory for different gap analysis spreadsheets in Excel .xls and in Word .doc files. There are a number of Gap Analysis 'tools' here. They are, however, just as hjilling pointed out, essentially copies of the standard. Some, however, do provide appropriate questions to ask as opposed to the text of the standard verbatum.

If any of you have any current Gap Analysis 'tools' you would like to share by attaching it (them) to a post in this thread, that would be nice as well.
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