ISO 9001 general awareness sessions for all employees


Amber Usman

My organization is planning to go for ISO certification by end of this year. We have complied with most of the requirements and want to run ISO general awareness sessions for all employees.
Can any body share experience how they conducted in their organizations. And if possible can they share the topics and contents of such trainings


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Hi Usman

those awareness courses reflects yr Understanding of the quality mangemnet , so you should build yr own material for the courses , in addition to this you can find here in the forum a lot of awareness courses examples if you just searched well

other thing why you put yr requesting her in this thread?

at all if you dont find any material call me by my personal email

Re: ISO general awareness sessions

Hello Amber, and welcome to the Cove. :bigwave: As samer noted, your question did not quite match the headline of the thread you posted it in, so I split it off to this brand new thread. I think we will get more answers that way.

I also agree with samer's point that such training should reflect the setup of your own company I would suggest a look at the following threads:

Introduction and Training to ISO 9001:2000 for Employees
QMS and ISO 9001 Orientation training - How in depth this needs to be?

(We have been discussing this subject many times, so there are more of them around):

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Amber Usman

Re: ISO general awareness sessions

Thanks Claes, I understand that it has to be customized to the origanizations setup. The thing is that we are only one year old service organization. I have to arrange training for all employees and I have limited duration. I know they will not remember everything but I need to make sure that when they walk out of the room they take some important things in mind. What should that be? and how I shall present so that it stays in their mind.
Re: ISO general awareness sessions

Amber Usman said:
I know they will not remember everything but I need to make sure that when they walk out of the room they take some important things in mind. What should that be? and how I shall present so that it stays in their mind.
I have a meeting coming up in a few minutes, so I have to sign off now, but have a look at the links I added to my previous post. I'll be back later, but I expect that other covers have chipped in by then :agree1:



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Re: ISO general awareness sessions

I think Claes has given you the right threads ,there is alot of good materials there, but again ,it is yr language that should be exists in the awareness course

Good luck


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Hi Samer,
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Perhaps you could show them ISO 9001:2000 itself. Showing people that it is a document, umpteen pages long, and chock full of some pretty deep sounding requirements would go 80% of the way to understanding just what ISO 9000 is, which is a major point of confusion for most people.

Perhaps you could explain the business/organizational system standard in a general way, touching on the key points. For instance, the standard can be summed up in a single statement. "ISO 9000 is formalized, documented management that is continually improved on a process basis." Or something like that.

Perhaps the history of management standards would be of use to you, going back to US Military Standard 9858, which already had the terminology and basis of document control, calibration, measurement and test, corrective action, and control of nonconforming product, which we see advanced today by ISO.

Perhaps you could show the people the business processes you have identified and the quality objectives you have defined for each.

I'm sure a lot of these ideas are familiar to you, please come back with your own. There are many great ways to help people understand this management system.


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Most information that I've seen given to employees is irrelevant,useless and a waste of their time and the employers. What do they care or really need to know about Management Review, D&D, Purchasing or Records Control unless they are personally involved or can directly impact them?

From my point of view employees should be provided what they need to know to do their job and what is relevant because everything else is just fluff.
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