ISO 9001 - Gigantic waste or Beneficial? Why does ISO 9001 exist? Got data/facts?


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So basically you could have a document from a supervisor, manager etc. stating the employee was assessed and is competent?
In the roughest sense yes,.....BUT, you better have some established criteria of what competency is and proof that it has been met....Just saying it isn't so

This ain't no rocket science, every qualified forklift driver working under US OSHA regulations has done it


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Yes, customer satisfaction is what matters. And you can't have that until you have reviewed what the customer wants, determine that you can provide what they want at a competitive price, determine that you can provide something that won't fail shortly after it's in service, put in all the controls needed to ensure that, have a measurement system that gives a high degree of confidence in the measurements you're taking, do all this in a timely manner so "Production" management can maintain an often unrealistic schedule regardless of who determines the schedule. And you can't accurately determine how good your processes are until you monitor, measure and analyze how good they are compared to how good they've been, and be able to provide that information to the customer to facilitate new and repeat orders. So is certification really necessary? For many customers, it's a MUST. That's why we revise/improve requirements in standards and strive for certification rather than merely (and sometimes innacurately) claim "compliance". That's why we go to such lengths to get certifications. Just understand that certifications often relate to the bottom line and keep the doors of many companies open, and you keep getting your paycheck.


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If it was referred to as a Business Management System instead of Quality Management System I think the question wouldn't be asked, or at least would be asked in a better way.
After well over 200 posts, the basic answer(s) to the question are:
ISO 9001 exists to help reduce the need for customers to develop their suppliers' controls for the products/services being purchased, and,
to reduce the number of customer quality assurance requirements that supplier had to comply with. It's not rocket sciences.


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