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ISO 9001 + HACCP implementation - Statistics and/or surveys on Combined Registrations

Does anyone have ,or know where it could be, any statistics and/or surveys about companies having multiple certification (ISO 9000, 14000, QS, HACCP, GMP...)
Hi Barb and Bdboilermaker,

Thank for your reply .

I want to know how many companies from those registered to ISO14000I also certified to ISO9000 ?. How many from those certified to ISO9000 are going to implement ISO14000? . In what kind of business they are in ?. Do they keep seperate or combined set of documentation, what kind of benefits/problems they face and the like..... In sum, I am interested in everything related to multiple system. I need those data to support my final uni. project, so I would be very appreciated if you give me any clue where I can get them.


McGraw/Hill publishes a list of all registered companies to both ISO 9001/9002/14001 etc.
I have an old list but still have the phone number of who to call at work. E-mail me as a reminder at [email protected] and I will be glad to send it to you.

Don Reid

Hazard Analysis - Critical Control Points

Does anybody have any first hand experience of this topic (HACCP). I have gleaned some info off the inet.

Reason for asking - I have a job interview tomorrow and I want to be able to talk sensibly about it (they want to incorporate HACCP into the Quality System)

Don Winton

Do not know if this will help, but the FDA has published a lot of HACCP info. Go to:

and perform a search for HACCP from the main page. You should get about 33 hits.


Don Winton
aka dWizard

Don Reid

No problem, Randy, it's just that I am not too familiar with in and want to gain an insight.
HACCP training material needed

I have to conduct HACCP training for my company. Could anyone give me a hand providing some training material/ slides on that.

Thank very much in advance
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