ISO 9001/IATF 16949 Audit Finding Question - Document Retention


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The organization requires training when documents are issued or revised but there is evidence that documents are effective immediately upon approval.

What specifically does your organization require? (As written in your own procedures).
That piece is missing from the above posts.

If you require a person to be trained before performance of the activity, there is no valid finding here.
If you require verbatim what is in bold above, it's iffy....massively picky, but iffy.

I've always had documents effective immediately upon approval, heck most training took place during the approval process and the new/revised process was already going under waiver during the approval process.
Training before performance makes sense...the rest is just paperwork and audit games.


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Regarding the record retention - I agree with @leftoverture. I would take the minimum, but I didn't think there was a requirement for maximum - unless your customers specifically state the maximum record retention time in their requirement. If your customer requires you to destroy the document after the specific period of time, then it would become a customer specific requirement that you will need to be aware of, but I've never personally heard of it, and all of our customers also have requirements for minimum retention time, but not maximum.
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