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ISO 9001 lead auditor as Full time career India


I am a Quality professional having work experience around 13yrs. I had worked closely on ISO 9001 certification/External Audits/NCR Closer etc as a MR for my organization.

Now i want to look forward (after 2yrs) career in ISO 9001 Auditing with any of Certification bodies/big organization in future, so want to plan accordingly. Currently i have only a Certificate of Internal auditor for ISO 9001-2015 apart from this i know I must need to qualify and certified as Lead auditor to be an Lead Auditor.

So please guide me what else i need to do, be an good lead auditor and having successful career in QMS.



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You may take the IRCA certified Lead auditor course and pass to get the certificate, and approach any of the certifying bodies (CB) for a position..
Good Luck
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