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I just started working for a company as their QS 9000 and ISO 14001 Management Rep. The last five months I have virtually become a monk trying to become familiar with them. This is the first time I had seen before I came here to work. Our plant is the only QS plant the rest are ISO 9001-1994 and going to ISO 9001-2001. I just recently took a course to become a certified lead auditor for ISO 9001-2000 with QS as a supplemental. Corporate has asked me to help with ISO 9001-2000 transition and in doing so I'm wordering if they change their/our Level 2 procedures to the new format (1-8) can we leave our procedures in our format (1-20)? Also, does the TS-16494 procedures align with the (1-8) or (1-20) format or is it all together different? Thanks in advance for your help!

E Wall

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TS 16949 is currently aligned with ISO 9001:1994 rev, but it is planned for revision and re-alignment with 9001:2000 rev.

I recommend you stick with the 2000 rev format. As long as you have a good document linkage/reference system in place it doesn't matter whether you are all on the same format. It would make it simpler for folks dealing with both, but is not necessary.

Eileen V. Wall
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A change to ISO 9000:2000 does not require reformatting your document structure. I never followed the 20 elements in my 1994 based systems. Use whatever format works best for your employees - don't worry about the auditor being confused. If you give them a good cross reference, and they are a good auditor, they should be able to find everything. For example, I usually combine Customer Product (4.7), Product ID & Traceability (4.8) and Handling, Storage... (4.15) into one procedure called Product Control. I did not want to have to make the workers think about where the product was from and then have to figure out which procedure to look at.

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