ISO 9001 Quality Plan



Quality Plan:

Quality Plan:
What is the meaning of quality plan in the context of ISO9001-2000 and what are the elements to be covered in the quality plan?
In ISO9001-1994 version, we called the instruction that defines the verification stages and the characterisistics that have to be verified during each verification stage as quality plan.
The following were the elements of the quality plan
a) Operation
b) Characteristics to be inspected (that particular operation)
c) Specification
d) Inspection / test equipment for that particular specification
e) Inspection authority
f) Format for recording the inspection etc.

M Greenaway

When ISO9001:2000 talks of quality planning it doesnt mean the creating of Quality Plans. These documents are normally created for specific contracts at the customers request.

This confusion also arose in the 1994 standard.
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