ISO 9001 software package that will work with Outlook on an Exchange server



I am looking for an ISO package that will work with Outlook on an Exchange server (5.5). Does anyone know of any server modules/packages that fit this description in existence? Thanks!!!


James Gutherson

Susan, I'm not sure what you mean by "an ISO Package"?

The following is part of a responce I wrote in the "Paperless Systems Thread". I use other software for things like process documentation and distribution, but Outlook is for me a good database.

"I use MS Outlook as a database for Documents (Archive Log, Controlled Doc Distribution, External Document Log, Internal Documents Log, Records Log), for Personel and Training records, for Corrective Action tracking (Non-Conformance reports and Process Improvement Notices (PIN's) which are my version of CAR's, and to maintain Supplier Records.
I also use Outlook public calendar to control the Internal Review schedule and assign tasks to my review team.

Because the company is on an MS Exchange messaging backbone I use the Public Folders to distribute this database, but it could work equally well for one person to control the database, you would just need to distrubute the information by email.
Outlook is a great freeform database. You simply create a new form based on one of the built-in forms. The new form then inherits the capabilities of the original. For example, I based the PIN system on the Outlook Task system. I created a new Public Folder containing task items. Then created a new form based on the task form. I used a few standard elements of the original form, the subject, created date, owner, priority, due date, status, % complete, completed date, and the message field. By draging the fields from the field chooser to a new page, rearranging and renaming them and then hiding the original page I had an instant new PIN database. The PIN system then tracks the progress of the PIN, and flags when it is over due. You can also assign the PIN to other people on the network for action and receive reports when it is completed (all properties of the original Task system.

Another other way of doing things is to create new fields that are specifically what you want, eg a distribution method for the Document Control system. This is much much simpler in Outlook than traditional databases and much easier to make changes later. For example, there are no limits for field sizes (single and double precision and all tha rubbish), the forms are automatically kept independant from the data.

A good book is (without wanting to fill Bill's pockets even more) "Building Applications with MS Outlook 98" from MS Press.

Now can anyone with more Outlook knowledge help me? I can't get outlook to start up in a Public Folder. I try to follow what it says in Help but I keep getting invalid switch errors. Any ideas?"
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