ISO 9002 - Small distributorship is beginning to pursue certification




Our small distributorship is beginning to pursue certification. We do not directly manufacture product. Neither do we design product. We help bring buyers and sellers together.

Generally, it is my understanding that we should pursue ISO9002-2000 certification.

Is this correct?

What specific elements of the ISO 9000 specification does 9002 omit?

For the record, we do perform many "manufacturing like" functions:

- Contract Review
- FMEA - to assist our shops avoid pitfalls
- Receiving Inspection
- Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Actions, Preventive Efforts
- Often, we draw our own CAD drawings in order to more clearly define expectations on the drawing.

Thank you for your help.

Jimmy B.


Fully vaccinated are you?
There is no ISO 9002:2000. ISO 9002 was obsoleted with the release of ISO 9001:2000. Basically all it 'eliminated' was design requirements. You can opt out (in the new version) of anything in section 7 - technically. FMEAs are not required by ISO - that's automotive and other industries like aerospace and such.

Rick Goodson

Jimmy B.

IMHO if this is your first jump into ISO get a copy of both the 1994 and the 2000 revisions of the standard. The tables B1 and B2 in the appendix of the 2000 version will reference the equivalent 1994 elements. The 1994 version is easier to understand.

As you have specific questions, come back to the forum. There is always someone here willing to give you there help.



M Greenaway

Hi Marc

I know what you are saying when you state that FMEA's are not technically required by ISO9001, however dont put the poor guy off.

Because ISO9001 is a generic document it will never state specific methods, such as FMEA, but it does require you to conduct effective quality planning and preventive actions for which FMEA's are an excellant method.

Just felt that needed clarifying.

Peace and goodwill to all men.


Fully vaccinated are you?
I didn't mean to put the person off. Just stating a fact. Personally I'm a strong believer in the benefits of good FMEAs.
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