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dr madhavan

In the Guidelines provided in Sec 5.4.1 of ISO 9004:2000, it is stated that:
"Responsibility for deployment of quality objectives should be defined."
Any comments, please.
What would be the stand of the auditors?

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Remember that the auditor will be checking for your fullfilment of the requirement not the guideline.

The 5.4.1 Requirement is:
"Top management shall ensure that quality objectives, including those needed to meet the requirements for product [see 7.1a] are established at relevent functions and levels within the organization. The quality objectives shall be measurable and consistant with the quality policy.

To specifically answer the question you posed if it were to occur (as I understand it), I would simply say "Here is my orgnaizational chart which identifies Top Management. Our quality policy is ...." Then proceed to show him who defined what objectives and be ready to answer how they are measured.

Since I happen to work at a Manufacturing Plant, I would also have to provide information on how this is communicated to us at the plant, our org chart, our production level goals/objectives/measureables and be able to show how they support the goals specified by Top Management.

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