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The company I work for is ISO certified and has been for years. Everything is currently done on paper, a lot of paper. I am implementing Fishbowl Manufacturing and Inventory ERP. I am unsure how this will affect our ISO9001 requirements. Currently every “document” down to the bills of material are in excel files with form numbers and revision numbers and kept in a master list.
My question is do the reports, work orders, and BOMs that the software generates need to have form numbers and revisions and Benin the master list. Also, if we are moving everything to an electronic processes what do we have to do to stay ISO compliant?
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Just make sure it all works and manages stuff effectively. Not that big of a deal, even MS Office can do that.


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Review your procedures to make sure they are aligned with the new ERP processes.
There may be some minor updates required.


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  1. Yes, the reports, work orders, and BOMs generated by the software will need to have form numbers and revisions. This is because ISO 9001 requires that you have a controlled and easily accessible record of all documents related to your quality management system, including all changes to those documents. The master list that you mentioned is a good way to keep track of all documents and their revisions, even if they are now in electronic format.
  2. To stay ISO 9001 compliant, it's important to ensure that the ERP software you are implementing has the capability to control, approve, and store all documents related to your quality management system in an organized and easily accessible manner. This includes the reports, work orders, and BOMs that the software generates. You should also consider the following steps:
  • Develop procedures for document control, including a process for approving, reviewing, and revising documents.
  • Train your employees on the new procedures, especially regarding document control.
  • Establish a secure and backed up method of storing electronic documents.
  • Continuously monitor and review your document control process to ensure it remains effective and efficient.
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