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There exists"Guidance Notes for the Application of BS3750:part-2/ISO9002?EN29002 to the Transporation, Storage and Distribution industries Issue 1, April 1991" by BSI Quality Assurance.
And there is now a Draft prEN 12507 titled " Transport service-Guidance notes on the application of EN ISO 9002 to the road transporation, storage and distribution industries" dated July 1996, (it may well be EN standard by now).
I am seeking these kind of references/ guidance standards for a Container Freight Station and Ford Car Dealership & Repairs service industries for implementation of ISO9002:1994.

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Sorry there are no answers to this question. I, too, am interested in any guidance documents.

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Eurpoean registrars (BSI, for sure) typically give them to their auditors. I have seen them..may even have a copy of the ford dealerships and repair/service station ones hanging around in my archives someplace. Have also seen some good ones on Lawyers, hotels and healh care institutions. Am heading out for a week to 10 days, but give me some time when I get back to hit the attic, and see what I can find.
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