ISO/IEC 12119 - Software packages - Quality requirements and testing


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ISO/IEC 12119 : Information technology - Software packages - Quality requirements and testing.

ISO/IEC 12119 is applicable to software packages and it establishes:
- a set of requirements for software packages (quality requirements);
- instructions on how to test a software package against these requirements (instructions for testing, in particular for third party testing).

It deals only with software packages (e.g. software products for administrative functions, office automation, and utility programs) as offered and delivered. It does not deal with their production process (including activities and intermediate products, e.g. specifications). The quality system of a supplier (e.g. ISO 9001:1994) is outside the scope of ISO/IEC 12119.

On the other hand ISO 9000-3 provides guidance in applying the requirements of ISO 9001:1994 where computer software design, development, installation and maintenance are an element of the business of a supplier:
- as part of a commercial contract with an external organization;
- as a product available for a market sector;
- in support of the business processes of the supplier;
- as software embedded in a hardware product.

Both standards are pubblished and available for purchase. ISO 9000-3 has been recently republished (dec. 1997) to align it to the ISO 9001:1994.

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I have a client that does software development only for programming a chip it makes.....I know ticket does not apply...but something besides ISO9001 needs to be a I go with the 9000-3? I just answered my own question...DA>>. 'as a software imbedded in a hardware product'

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What did you finally find out? Any comments after all this time?



What kinds of testing are prescribed within this 12119 standard? Are they generic recommendations or specific criteria and methodologies?
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