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Hello to all!
i am in the process of designing a training course to cover the major activities and steps in teh process of implementing ISO/IEC 17025 in a lab. i need to focus on practical aspects and have group activities as the major part.
i would be appreciated to have your comments for this and a training program or topics would also be helpful!
many thanks in advance.


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Moved the thread for better exposure in the ISO/IEC 17025 community, for the maximum number of practical suggestions.


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I have given many presentations on this very subject at Measurement Science Conference (MSC).

For me, the very first key is management involvement. There must be support, awareness, and involvement by management, or it is doomed from the start. That must be brought out.

The level of information necessary for top management and folks in the lab will likely vary. I would say that the lab and quality folks need to have a much more thorough and hands-on level, and top management more an umbrella understanding.

I think of 17025 like this: It is a great big fence around a pasture, the things the lab does, and policies, procedures, etc., are the things that go inside the fence. 17025 is also a system, not simply a collection of Clauses, no matter how they may be arranged. I always approach it in a systemic manner, pointing out the interaction between Clauses.

Hope this helps for generating ideas. Feel free to bounce ideas off the community here.
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