ISO/IEC 17025 vs. ISO 9000 Comparison Matrix which shows Differences



iso/iec 17025 vs iso 9000

I am working on a quality manual in regards to iso 17025. However, I do have an old manual that conforms to iso 9000, as 9000, and di 9000. Is there are matrix to show the correlation between these standards and those for iso 17025?

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I'll pass this on to Marc, as that isn't my expert area. However, my layman's input would be that they are like apples and oranges to some degree. ISO9000 are over quality systems for companies. ISO17025 is the replacement for Guide 25, which is attuned to how a calibration lab should be organized. An ISO9000 company (or QS9000 in my case), would use ISO10012, Guide 25 (now ISO17025) to set up structure for the calibration function. QS9000 in section 4.11 says to use ISO10012 as a guide for setting up calibration program (that is a vast oversimplification).

Marc... I'll let you have this one.



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I believe there may be. I'll have to take a look. I'm not a Guide 25 or 17025 person. I understand what's going on, but have never had to do a project.

The best place to ask this question is on Greg Gogates listserve. They're all *real* metrology and testing lab experts. It's a wonderful listserve focused on Metrology and test labs.

My computer is content indexing. I'll get you the address and other info if I can. I do think there's a cross-reference around somewhere. Maybe in the pdf_files directory. I'll get back on this.


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Well, first of, you can join Greg Gogates ListServe by writing him at:

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Next, I have searched around my disks and whilst I thought I had a matrix I can't find it.

In the pdf_files directory there is a file Guide25_vs_17025.ppt which you might wnt to look at.

There was a relatively good listserve discussion which took place this last February which Greg may have in archive. The thread subject was: 17025 equivalency to 9002.

Sorry I can't help more than that off hand. Maybe one of the others has some input for you.

And again, get on Greg's listserve. It's a really good listserve.

Ryan Wilde

First off, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for not getting to this sooner, I've just started a new job and spent a great deal of time and effort in normalizing my life. That said...

If you have an honest to goodness copy of ISO 17025, then it comes with a matrix. Look at Annex A of 17025 - It is titled "Nominal cross-references to ISO 9001:1994 and ISO 9002:1994". It seems the fine folks at ISO have thought of you in advance (don't get used to it!).

Ryan, who has to go through another 17025 accreditation process because he works for a different company :-( What was I thinking?
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