ISO (in search of) IATF 16949 vs. TS 16949 changes summed up


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Sorry if it's been asked before --- I've looked and didn't notice if it was --

Does a document exist - or does anyone have a document that simply breaks down exactly what the changes are?

In all honesty, reading the entire specification and looking for changes is daunting and seems like a waste of time -- almost like a "hey, look! I found it!" puzzle of some sort.

We are not a very large company and am strapped for manpower (as I'm sure many of you are) I don't want to recreate the wheel so to speak --- I just want to make the appropriate revisions to our quality program and move on.

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Scroll down the page and you will find a Similar Discussion Threads section. There are 2 threads with relevant information on the subject.

Good luck.


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Thanks! I quickly looked and nothing jumped out. I'll go back and look closer.

SEE! See how this could go --- trying to read the standard as I'm try to stay awake and if I missed the thread, I am sure I could miss a change or addition. LOL


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Hi, QMMike,

The best places I've found to look are the ISO website and the AIAG/IATF sites. Both have really good information, including gap analysis and correlation matrices. Look at the ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group for some information and the IATF site has a FAQ paper and Sanctioned Interpretations that are helpful.

Hope this helps, I had to spend several days going through the standards comparing them to our quality manual, this was after going through IA training.
Good luck!


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I actually took both standards and completely retyped them into one document. I had that documented bound and am currently using it as my guide along with the gap analysis and transition strategy documents.... Just feels like a waste of time when it would make more sense for AIAG to simply publish a document that simply just states the changes.....


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I did the same thing! It was beyond frustrating going between the 2 standards and our manual. I also ended up redoing our manual to closer match the standard since the old stuff was scattered throughout the new and trying to make sure we had everything covered was driving me crazy. I know that some will say it was overkill, but it works for us.


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I was toying this with idea as well, since that is what I did with the last change. Really since I've already retyped both standards into one, it shouldn't be that big of a task. The bulk of it is done and it would only be a matter of changing a little verbiage and inserting procedure numbers into the appropriate locations. I've heard talk of companies that have very short manuals - under 15-20pages... I can't understand how for some reason! LOL

If anyone has one that they would be willing to share, I'd love to read it! :)

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