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ISO/QS9000 Procedures/Flowcharts


Don Reid

Not too long ago I was informed that it is perfectly acceptable to bin all written procedures and replace them with a series of flow diagrams.

I must admit I can see a lot of potential in this, inasmuch that they would be easier to follow and easier to audit/assess.

I bounced the idea off our registar and his viewpoint was that he had no problem with it as long as all requirements were properly covered.

Naturally, these flowcharts are just as easily controlled as text based documents.

I would appreciate comments.

I have, as a trial, completed our contract review procedures in flowchart form using Visio. The result, if I may say so, looks pretty good, and the folks who perform the reviews seemed to like it (well, whilst I was in their office, that is. What they said when I left I do not know!!)

If anyone want to have a look I would gladly email the completed chart at absolutely no charge!!


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Martijn TVM

The company I work for also uses VISIO flowcharts for their procedures and I took it to two different companies aswell even to a voluntary youth centre. But the key to this is to make a flowchart on one site of the page and a explination on the other site. without using words you have to look up in the dictionary yourself.

I encountered it as well that people had some difficulties to read them, and changing the text helped alot.

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barb butrym

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Take the flow chart to the next level..insert hyperlinks to associated documents, visual aides and video. My newest project. The learning curve for the equipment is really all you have (digital video cam..), inserting the link is dead easy. Of course..... works for paperless systems. I use Office 2000.



I've been doing the same thing, though not on flowcharts yet. Connecting up to websites for external information is a great way to document (for example) a master list or equivalent of external documents.

One example we use is the NFPA National Electrical Code. Rather than constantly update our documents on which is their current rev, we can just point at their brochure on the web and let them do the work.

It also makes the "ISO DOCUMENT-UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED" line across the top of the document have more bite.

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