ISO Registration in Educational Institutions - Canadian school district


Al Oakley

I noticed a posting on July 4/2000 from Gary Whitcomb referring to an article in "Quality Systems Update" regarding ISO registration and a Canadian school. Is the article on the internet or is a subscription required? I am attempting to convince a Canadian school district to start their quality journey with ISO and this information may be very useful.

Rick Goodson

QSU is a subscription journal. I believe I pay $500 a year for it.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Telephone: 1-800-773-4607

I can not find an article in the July issue. There is a one-page article in the June issue on Lajeunesse Secondary School in Ontario. I do not have scan capability and therefore can not email it to you. If you email me a fax number I will fax a copy to you. My E-mail is [email protected]
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