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ISO/TS 16949:2009 Remote Support Provided By Sister Plants


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Our Tier One automotive company has a corporate headquarters that provides remote support for 13 manufacturing plants. Currently the headquarters is receiving 3 separate audits to support various plant locations' TS certificates. Myself and a couple of others are trying to consolidate this into 1 audit at the remote support headquarters location. In doing so, I am finding that some functions, especially Purchasing, Supplier Selection, and Supplier Development, are scattered amongst multiple plants. For example, we have buyers at my location that support 4 plants, including my location.

My question is does each of the 3 other plants need to show Purchasing as a remote support located at my plant? This gets complicated because in some cases plants have internal functions with additional support from outside plants and/or headquarters.


we've got a similar problem here where I work.
There's quite a bit about this in the 'Rules for Achieving and Maintaining IATF Recognition rev.4' - from what I've gathered, there's going to be some major changes to auditing against ISO/TS16949 from 2015.
I suggest you & your team get a copy of this IATF document (it's copyrighted so can't share here sorry) and have a very thorough look at the revised rules for locations.
Also, you could ask your registrar '/ your external auditor for some advice on this.
Best of luck


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I do have the 4th edition rules book but except for the short paragraph on p. 8 about "Supporting Functions", which is not very detailed, I cannot find much information about this.
Your suggestion about contacting the registrar is good, but I was hoping to avoid that route.
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