ISO/TS 16949 & European Standards


Tarek Hamdy

Hi everybody,

i 'm really admire your discussions and information but i think that all of you concentrating on QS 9000 only.
I need to ask about the effect of ISO/TS 16949 on the similar european standards for automotive feeders such as VDA 6.1?
Did you think that the intent of issuing 16949 is to replace all specific automotive QMS standards such as QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 for one worlde wide accepted standard?

thank you

Roger Eastin

Yes, 16949 has as its intent to replace all automotive standards. I think that the only area that will remain unaffected by 16949 are the customer-specific requirements. Hopefully, the customer-specific requirements won't eventually turn into a "new standard"!
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