ISO/TS 16949 vs. QS 9000 - Comparison of the two standards


Jeff B.

Does anyone have a clause by clause comparison between the 2 standards, would make implementation a lot easier.

Teri - 2011

Here is a free breakdown. Compares 16949:1999 to the 2002 version and includes QS 9000.


Along this same line, I've looked for and can't find that anyone's posted a "checklist to ISO/TS16949" of the sort of flavor of the IATF booklet? I've got the booklet, which is copyrighted o'course so I'm loathe to copy it, but I want to use a similar document to literally 'check off" everything during an audit year to make sure I covered it - once I check it off in this booklet the booklet's "used" and won't be any good to me for NEXT year. Anyone got a PDF or excel that is similar?

Al Dyer

Do yourself a favor, start over and only use the old system as a fill-in for the new system, 2 completely different animals.



TS Check List

SteelWoman said:
There's no attachment to your post - did i miss something?
Don't bother - this is simply the requirements put in tabular form, clause by clause and the audit questions don't add any value . One just does not audit in this way - but if all you want is a high level list perhaps its OK. Its like most things, you get what you pay for. If you want something better, I came across a TS Compliance Table as an MS Word document that is 37 pages, breaks out all the requirements and has provision for inserting your own responses - all for less than $20 and apparently its been translated by the Japanese so I guess it must be OK.


Actually, this will do for what I need - I'm not using it to PERFORM an audit, but to go back behind an audit and check to ensure that we have indeed covered all the bases. It's an informal checklist for ME to make sure we don't miss something over the course of an Internal Audit cycle.


By the way, let me throw one more question out there.... when our auditor was last here, back in November or so, doing our hopefully FINAL audit to QS, she mentioned that it was a REQUIREMENT that an audit checklist be utilized. I told her I didn't think that was true, but at the time I didn't have a moment to look it up. Sure enough (it's difficult always being right :rolleyes: ) the standard says it's a "should" not a shall.

We've never utilized audit checklists, and with the move AWAY from Procedure audits to Process audits, I'm even less inclined to put them into place. I was approaching this from the angle where the Mgmt Rep would maintain a "master checklist" each audit cycle of the clauses in the standard to make sure we hit them all during the audit cycle, but that's a rather laborious task for me to complete post-audit and I can't find any real value in doing so.

:confused: Has anyone here who has made it through a TS upgrade audit successfully argued AGAINST having an audit checklist, and if so, how?

:confused: How did you then answer to the "organization shall audit it's quality management system to verify compliance with this technical spec" thingee? Do you have your QMS listed as a SEPARATE process in your system?
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