ISO / TS 16949 vs. QS9000



I have seen a previous thread on this topic but it was from April and I want to keep it fresh.

My company is upgrading from ISO9002 to QS9000, expected success in the fall of '99. Something came up on a recent visit to a Delphi plant (to whom we primarily supply) and it was put to me like this...

Why are you going for QS9000 now, it is going to be REPLACED by ISO16949?

He used the word "replaced" though, in the confusion that surrounds just about everything with the Auto Standards, I wouldn't be surprised if he were overstating things a bit.

Can anyone provide an update on information regarding ISO16949? As "current" as I believe that I keep myself on such issues, this came out of left field for me and I know nothing.

My info came from Delphi. Anyone have any feedback from GM, Chrysler, or Ford?

Thanks in advance.

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