ISO vs. ASQ version of the ISO 9001 Standard - Differences?



I would like to first start off by stating that I am new to the ISO arena. My apologizes in advance for my ignorance. I am so thankful to this forum, the wealth of information is incredible.

We currently pay about $900 per year to have the ISO 9001-2008 ASQ Standard posted on our intranet (10 users at a time).

I have been offered by the same vendor the ISO 9000 and 9001 Standards. So, instead of the ASQ copyright Standard, it would it would be replaced with "ISO" copyright Standard. The user rights are the exact same. However, I would be gaining ISO 9000 QMS Fundamentals and Vocabulary in addition to the ISO 9001 QMS Requirements..

I understand the clauses are the same (9001:2008), I have been told by the sales manager (don't want to reveal the firm's name) that basically it's all in the packaging (cover sheet is the only difference). Looking as the ASQ 9001:2008 Standard that we currently have, there appears to be more included than just the clauses. The price is the same (ASQ vs. ISO), am I getting my monies worth?

Any other concerns that I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.


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Either one is as good and valid as the other. All of the important stuff for implementation and certification is the same. If there is a concern the go with the "ISO" version it's the one everyone like the ASQ has to "copy" and use before they add their 2-cents

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Various countries copy ISO standards and make them National standards.

I have investigated the pricing and this can be seen in my post A search can save money - Buying Standards and other posts.

The Singapore standard SS9001 is exactly the same but costs a fraction of the US or ISO versions.
Every time I want to by a standard I search the English speaking countries.
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