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ISO9000:2000 and QS9000


Captain Nice
Staff member
--> Elberth Ardila wrote:
--> I have a question about upgrade iso9000:2000. We are a QS9000 (iso
--> 9001) certified company, do we change the quality manual? is it
--> neccesary to doccument the process? how?, i thing the QS9000 covered
--> the new standard iso 9000:2000.

If you are QS I would wait for direction from your registrar as to their requirements. I wouldn't change a thing yet. I am not convinced QS folks will have to change anything for quite some time.

Anyone else have any insight or direct knowledge on this?

Roger Eastin

I heard that the QS folks weren't going to change their requirements for the ISO9000:2000 update - meaning they weren't going to issue another udpated manual. I think you're right, Marc. I wouldn't change anything unless asked to do so (and then I'd question it). For that matter, the CD2 for ISO9000:2000 stated that you needn't change your quality manual for the udpate, but only ensure that additional items are covered in your present manual.

David Guffey

My registrar is also saying do nothing right now. Too much is up in the air regarding the future of ISO 9000:2000/QS-9000/ISO-16949. The "Big-3" are not at all ready to make any final decisions.
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