ISO9000 and CWF (Certified Welding Fabricator)


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OK, it has been a while since I last visited this site. I have a question....

I am in the middle of working with a small division on obtaining an ISO9000 certification that they let lapse about 4 years and two sites ago. Today I was asked about integrating ISO9000 with having the site becoming a Certified Welding Fabricator (CWF) facility. I do not know anything on this (I was just given a packet on CWF about 5 minutes ago).

Is it possible to integrate ISO9000 (at this time only doing the 2008 version) with the CWF, can it be integrated with ISO9000:2015, or should it be developed separately?

I do need to do some research, but I figured on putting this out.

John Broomfield

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Yes, you can develop your organization's process-based management system to fulfill your business objectives while conforming to both standards.

This approach is much easier and more effective than writing two sets of procedures around each of the standards.

Search the Cove for developing a process-based management system for enough information to get you started.

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