ISO9000 Implementation in Schools and Educational Institutions



In need of information on how to apply ISO in schools, any suggestios greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Call ASQ at 1 800 248 1946 and ask about their Koalaty kid program. There are some school districts that are registered. I will try to find out a name of one.


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This is what I have found to date:
School District of Lancaster
1020 Lehigh Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17602 United States
TEL: (717) 391 8605
FAX: (717) 396 6818
The guy who spearheaded it was DR. William N. Kiefer their QMS was registered to ISO9001 by BVQI in February 1999



Lu Jimmy,
I believe that what is needed in schools in general is a System of Profound Knowledge (SOPK) as Deming proposed, ISO 9001 is an excellent model for business processes. How would you apply the standard to the internal functions of a school and how would you communicate the intentions of the standard to the pupils who are the clients.


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There were some articles in Q Digest or another mag a while back about elementary schools that have actually been certified to 9K. It was a year or so ago.

One problem was identification of the product. It turned out the students were not the product, they were the customer. The product was the system of education itself.

You should check some of the periodicals archive sections for this, it is real interesting.

Kevin Mader

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I second Wallace’s motion.

I personally would not try to apply a business management guideline such as ISO to a school system. Schools are not businesses in a traditional sense and as such, require a different approach. Too often we try to shoe horn one tool into too many applications. There isn’t a real problem with this and the innovation in itself should be applauded. Just exercise caution when doing so and look for evidence of trying to put the left shoe on the right foot.

I would recommend visiting the Deming Electronic Network. There you will find a number of papers written by Myron Tribus on Education Reform that uses Deming’s SoPK to transform schools systems. David Langford has done great work in this area and has a site on the Web that you can download/order information. In addition, you may want to attend one of David’s or Myron’s speaking engagements on it. I believe Myron will be speaking mid April on the topic, so please visit The Deming Institute site for more information.

Randy and Wallace have begun to point out how you should begin to think about the system of education. Gpainter has been gracious in getting you some preliminary connections to folks you might want to contact to hear about the pros and cons of applying the ISO guidelines to education. Also, keep in mind that the clients/customers goes well beyond the immediate customer of the student. The Aim of the System of Education is to create lifelong learners. Myron’s rendition of Deming’s View of a System (a View of an Educational System) illustrates this point well. Also, I believe that there is already an Arizona school which has already applied the Deming Method successfully. I believe that this will be found in your reading of one of Myron’s papers.

I am excited in your endeavor to improve the Quality of Education! Please post your progress here for the members to track. I think we’d be interested to hear.




The customer?

The customer within the context of ISO9001 is for the most part an informed customer or client and this is where a grey area exists when applying the ISO phylosophy to education. Junior or primary school students rely on the education system to relay or deliver information that is to be learned, I believe that Deming would have a field day with the education system in North America if he were still around.

Richard Flexton

Oakland school district is registered

Try contacting Robert Luebke of Solution Technology Associates Inc., Lansing, MI. Tel 517 394 7555. I understand Robert got them through registration first time - and they have been registered a while now. They also use one of the leading S/w packages I think!

Meera Hoosen

iso in schools

Standards Australia has developed a handbook for Education & Training.

title: HB 90.7-2000 Education & training - Guide to ISO 9001:2000

You can contact them on :

I have found it most useful.


Al Dyer

These days I think we have to focus more on the basics of mathematics, reading, understanding, and abstract thought. What is quality but the application of these basic traits?

Youngsters need to know the meaning of words/phrases, how they apply to certain situations, and how to go beyond the written word and use their trained minds to learn how to apply the differing aspects of the various fields in business and quality.

They surely don't need a special course in U.N. (ISO) backed regulations. Who the **** would teach it? Even our current proffesionals have different views on the meaning and content of the systems involved.

Quality is a mindset that comes out of both the family foremost and education. What is quality but doing something the way it is supposed to be done?

Please tell me if I am being too pessemistic (sp) or judgemental, but geez, half the kids coming out of school would have a problem with Green Eggs and Ham let alone reading or understanding a literary work and how it applies to their thought process.

Jaded in Michigan!!!!
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