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ISO9000 Registration in Educational Institutions


Captain Nice
Staff member
Subject: RE: Q: School certification/Guerra/Russo

Miguel Guerra wrote:

I have been asked by a friend, teacher in a private university, if I know any school, college or university, with a ISO 9000 certification. Since I don't know none, I pose the question to you all.

Also, How should such a institution approach ISO9000?


The Moore Norman Vo-Teck school in Norman, Oklahoma is registered. Also, several TAFE (equivalent to our junior colleges) in Australia are registred along with about a dozen universities in U.K. I had heard that the Lancaster, PA school district has been working toward registration, but am unable to confirm that info.

In August 1996, ISO published the Guideline Z1.11 for Training and Edcuation. It is available from ASQ (1-800-248-1946). Ask for item T-74. The writing committee did an excellent job of suggesting how a training and education organization can apply each section of the standard to their organization.

Hope this helps


C.W. Russ Russo
Author: ISO 9000 & Malcolm Baldrige in Training and Education
Charro Publishers, Inc. 1995

Scott Knutson

On a recent trip to Singapore, I noted that several schools there (both vocational and public) were certified. I also remember reading an article found on this forum concerning a university in England that has been registered for a couple of years.

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
Check out the koalty kid program through ASQ...there is a school system in Tenn.(I think) that was light years ahead of the rest of the world.


Captain Nice
Staff member
From: ISO Standards Discussion
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 14:13:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Secondary school registration /Mackenzie/Trudeau/Whitcomb

<< From: Jim Mackenzie
<< Does anyone have any information on secondary schools who are
<< registered to ISO 9000? Are there any sample quality manuals available? Any help
<< would be appreciated.


There is an article in the June 2000 Quality System Update that discusses secondary schools that became ISO registered. According to that article, Lancaster School District in Pennsylvania became certified as a district. Eastern Michigan University (I realize that is post secondary) is also ISO 9002 certified, according to this story. You might try contacting the Lancaster School District. The thrust of the article featured a school in Canada, Lajeunesse Secondary School, in Ontario that achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Don't know if this helps you, but it caught my eye after reading of your interest in such cases.



Captain Nice
Staff member
I have read that the Jefferson County, CO school system (Columbine) was recently registered. Their registration covers 144 schools. They employ over 10,000 and have close to 90,000 students in their district. They are the largest district to hold registration in the US. (Quality Systems Update - Nov. '99)

A year or so ago, the Lancaster PA school system was registered and you might want to contact Bryce Carson at about them. In his previous life (he is now a consultant) he was the registrar auditor on the Lancaster registration.
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