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ISO9001 vs. TS16949 vs. AS9100 - What are the Differences?



Howste, thanks a lot for uploading your original spreadsheets. As a novice, I am finding them extremely useful as a gap analysis template for planning the integration of TS and AS into an existing ISO9001 complient QMS. I am currently upgrading the ISO and TS text to the latest revision. The medical device standards are still current (not sure how long for?) so I'm leaving that column alone though it's of no use to me right now. When I get the funds to purchase a copy of AS Rev C, I should be able to update the whole thing and re-upload to the forum. Maybe throw in some 14001 for good measure? May take some time though...


Dardan, that sounds like an excellent idea, and if lack of funds is what's stopping you, I would chip in some money so you can purchase the AS9100 std, maybe some other members would also contribute so you can finish that matrix and share with the rest. The AS9100 rev C standard is $68 USD from SAE at this moment, so it would take $3.50 for 20 people. How about it folks? a little crowd sourcing may push this matrix to completion.


Nope. It's unlikely that I'll have time to do it for quite a while. The AS9100 transition is keeping me overwhelmed with work.
We are transitioning to AS9100 here also(Aerospace business is picking up - thanks, Boeing!) and I appreciate your posts. Is it true all your Registrar audits are on the SAE database? Oh, my boss will LOVE that! PS: I had to look up Thaumaturge. How can I become this?
-BK in SoCal

Al Rosen

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The differences are identified within the AS9100 standard. The ISO9001:2015 requirements are in normal type and the additional AS9100 requirements are in bold.
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