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ISO9001 vs. TS16949 vs. AS9100 - What are the Differences?



Wow, who would have thought I'd run into someone from home so quick.

I like your name ISO cheesy, you must be an auditor or QA manager?


I called my registor and was told that it takes a year to get the 16949. I'm already AS9100A and ISO 9002:2000, so gonna try and convince them I qualify to be approved. Can't go back to QS9000 as it is based on ISO 1994.


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You're right - registrars are required to have a year's worth of data before certification to TS 16949. However, if you are already certified to another standard, you may already have (or be able to collect) all of the data necessary to meet the requirements. The TS 16949 system doesn't necessarily need to be in place for a year. I got this info directly from a registrar yesterday.



I like the review of your spreadsheets, developed by you, trough various posts above.

I am working on the requirements of ISO9k standard in teaching institutions. Are they satisfying all criteia, if not how have the standards been utilised to address the specific needs.

I would want your copy of spreadsheet mailed to me, and if I am through with some applications, or have problems shall revert back to you and the forum.


Howard Atkins

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This is a reply to an old question but

Less than 12 months Performance Data
Question: How can a Site working towards ISO/TS 16949:2002 show 12 months performance data?
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]For an established facility the last 12 months performance data should be provided against the products in production and the QMS being used.

Note: In the case of a new facility the audit should be conducted once ISO/TS 16949:2002 QMS compliance is established the Certification Body is permitted to issue a letter of conformance. After 12 months production, when performance data is verified, the Certification process can proceed.
as found at [/font]

This is quite definite

Diana Cadwalader

:D The comparison matrix here is wonderful!!!!!!! Being new to AS - - it is going to be of immense help to me as I get through my learning curve on this. Thanks so much for posting it!!


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Wow, this thread never dies! It looks like I'll need to update the matrices one of these days. I never did finish the second matrix, as all of my airport time lately seems to get used up in finishing audit reports and such. Anyway, I'm glad it's still coming in handy for people... :D


howste, just wanted to offer you my sincere thanks for providing the comparison matrix; it's going be a great help for me in helping our company prepare for AS9100 certification process.


Sidney Vianna

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bnwilk said:
Our company is certified and registered to ISO9002:2000 and AS9100A:2001, Thanks in advance
You mean 9001:2000. ISO 9002:2000 is an inside joke here at the Cove.
And btw, do you know why your company is not listed in the OASIS database? It looks like you have been certified to AS9100 for a while. According to SAE AIR 5359, the CRB must enter the AS9100 certified organization in the OASIS database.

Karen R

Howste -

Any chance you finished that "plain English" comparison of the standards? Having spent last year working on QS to TS transitions, looks like this year will be spent with a new set of friends to ISO to TS :D
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