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Issue Dates/Revisions of Standards referenced in Internal Documents

Hi Everyone,

Whilst compiling our integrated management system manual a thought has occurred to me, mainly due to the number of standards my Company is certified to. As I was referencing the standards and regulations I wondered whether it was necessary to include the current date or revision number after each of them, and whether you can just specify that you comply with current versions.

Your thoughts on this would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Jo:

My recommend is like this:
In your mannual, don't mention the date or revision number of the standards and regulations, just put the titles on it. For example, if you put ISO9001 and ISO1400 into one management manual, you just refer ISO9001, ISO14001 instead of ISO9001:2008, or ISO14001:2002. AND put a NOTE in the mannual, saying that the standards referred should be the latest revision. If so, whenever the standard changes, you only need to change the corresponding part, not whole text stating that standard, like ISO9001:2000 into ISO9001:2008, and so on.


I wanted to add a little expansion to the equation. The method listed of no revs in the documents is the best way but you then have other items to consider. The caveat is that you then have to address your Specification system.
· Do you have the most current spec on file & avail? (internal audit & evidence trial to prove it. If the auditor finds one off but you have 10 internal audits showing no discrepancies then maybe a minor vs no supporting evidence and a lack of internal controls-major finding)
· How do you prove it? (where do you go…backcheck to customer, ASTM website etc)
· How often do you confirm / check that it is the most current? (once a quarter, annual)
· Risk review of what if it is not the most current? (didn’t use correct spec for radio tuner-wrong station/return or medical implant-death)
· How do you handle if a customer wants product to an older specification (replacement part) rather than to the latest spec which would not be backwards compatible.

Just some things to consider at the same time.
Thanks for these JaxQC.

I have a pretty robust system for ensuring current issues are available. I review on a monthly basis and keep superseded copies. I hope it's robust enough for our assessment bodies.
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