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IT Auditor resume review help!


ITAuditor 2

Hi All:bigwave:,

I am an consultant with the Big four account firm, with primarily audit experience. I am currently looking for internal auditor positions with technology firms. I would like your help in reviewing my resume to understand how I can improve to better my chances. I would really appreciate your help.


IT Auditor 2


John Broomfield

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IT Auditor 2,

I'm guessing you want to audit processes and their organizational management systems for effectiveness (includes conformity) so top management can see what needs further improvement.

You'll find that three day courses are available to develop your skills and knowledge in auditing, management systems and ISO 9001 the basic management system standard. But I'd recommend you invest in the five day certified course for lead auditors to build on the experience you already have.

Ensure you select a course that includes teaching on the development of process-based management systems. Many auditors still struggle with this so I recommend you also study business process management so you understand how work works to add value for customers and other stakeholders. BPM that focuses on work without its preoccupation with IT is recommended.

You may also benefit your employer if you develop your understanding and practice of risk management. Lastly, make sure your business quality management knowledge is solid.

Please let us know how you do,



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I'm learning that in a resume I need to focus on results or achievements rather and than functions I have carried out.

I took a day off yesterday as my wife was sick and I spent 6 hours to create my "QA" only resume to say what I achieved in the jobs I've had. I started to the get the hang of it towards the end.

It might take you a lot less time.

I would never say "results oriented' as that is for the interviewing company to infer from what I say at the interview.
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